51% of People either don’t know if they have life insurance or don’t have any, as per the AIG Life Insurance IQ Study. Even though 70% of those who answered the survey agreed that life insurance could help their family live a financially stable life, many still don’t have it. Many people don’t know that your life insurance premiums are the cheapest when you’re youth and healthy.

And you’ll no way be junior or healthier than you are now, so your premiums could be the lowest they’ll ever be. Even if you have long-term health problems or aren’t as young as you used to be, you should still get life insurance instead of waiting until it’s more expensive. Learn more about the options, whether you’re getting your first insurance policy or a second one because your needs have changed.

How to Obtain Quotes for Life Insurance

You can go from the insurance company website to the insurance company website and get quotes from each one. But you can also use life insurance brokers or rate-shopping life insurance marketplaces to find the best policies for your situation.

Most people obtain life insurance, but you should know that the underwriting process can take a long time and give you a lot of trouble. If you need life insurance quickly and easily, you can use a company like Bestow or Ladder. Sometimes, you can get coverage in as little as a minute.

Compare the average prices

Along with getting quotes from different places, it’s important to compare the rates of different types of policies. We will talk about term life insurance for now. Term life insurance is often 10% or less than whole life insurance for the same death benefit. It also has coverage that is easy to change based on what happens in your life.

As a comparison, we’ll use Quotacy, an insurance marketplace, to look at the cost of premiums for three different amounts of term insurance: For comparison, we’ll use Quotacy, a marketplace for insurance, to see where rates start when you look at them from different companies. We’ll look at premiums for three different amounts of term insurance:

  • $250,000
  • $500,000
  • $1 million

We’ll also compare these changes over different lengths of time, based on the ages of 25, 35, 45, 55, and 65.

What Quotes for Term Life Insurance Reveal

The important things affecting term life insurance quotes are shown in the tables above. Here are some things to remember:

  • Men pay more for their insurance than women do.
  • Age makes the difference between men and women bigger.
  • With a longer policy term, the premiums are much higher.
  • When you buy insurance later in life, the premiums are much higher.

Notice that a custom quote is needed for 30-year term policies for people 65 years old, no matter how much the death benefit is. That’s probably because your health is more likely to become a big risk factor after a certain age. This is why people often say you should buy life insurance as soon as possible.

Other things that affect the price of life insurance

The two most essential things are Age and gender, which affect how much you pay for life insurance, but there are many more.

Your Physical Condition

This is a complicated factor because so many things could happen. Some health problems, like high blood pressure that is well-controlled, don’t cause much of an increase in your monthly premium. When a human has a serious health problem, like diabetes, heart disease, or kidney disease, their premiums can go up.

The same is true for one-time events like a fight against cancer. If you have any of these conditions or have had them in the past, your application may be looked at for risk factors based on your situation. You might also have to get a medical checkup.

When you have certain health problems is also important. For example, if you had cancer 10 years ago, it will have less of an effect on your premium than if you were just diagnosed with it. Your body mass index (BMI) shows how much you weigh compared to how tall you are, and any medications you take are also important.

The family’s health history

Even though you have no control over this, it can still affect your premium. Most insurance forms ask if anyone in your immediate family has a serious health problem. Most of the time, your parents and siblings are the only people in your immediate family.

This includes serious health problems like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or kidney failure. Most life insurance companies care most about family members who had serious health problems before turning 70, especially if those problems led to an early death.

Smoking and Using Tobacco

The only thing you can change about your premium is how much you smoke and use tobacco. And from the opinion of your life insurance premium, not smoking is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. The best way to show how smoking affects people is to compare the rates of premiums for smokers and nonsmokers, both for men and women.

The table below shows the lowest rates offered by the Quotacy network of companies for a $500,000 20-year term life insurance policy. The premiums for people who smoke are several times higher than those for people who don’t smoke. For example, a man who smokes at age 25 pays almost three times as much as a man who doesn’t smoke.

For women who smoke, the multiples are about the same. At age 35, that amount is four times the premium and stays at that same level as the person ages. A 35-year-old man would have to pay an extra $63 monthly for the same life insurance coverage. This means he would have to pay more than $750 yearly for the right to smoke.

The hugely higher premiums for smokers show how smoking affects how long a person lives and how insurance companies need to make up for the higher risk by charging higher premiums. The Centers for Disease Control say that smoking kills more than 480,000 people yearly. Here are some ways smoking makes you more likely to get serious health problems.

  • Coronary heart disease: two to four times
  • Stroke: 2 to 4 times more likely Lung cancer: 25 times more likely in men and 25.7 times more likely in women
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): 12X to 13X

It would help if you also realized that life insurance companies look at occasional smoking, cigar smoking, chewing tobacco, and using e-cigarettes (vaping) similarly.

What factors affect your life insurance premium?

  • High-risk hobbies. Your life insurance rates depend on what you do in your free time. High-risk activities include skydiving, racing, deep-sea diving, backcountry skiing, rock climbing, and many more.
  • Your record as a driver. You’ll pay the highest premium if you have multiple moving violations or one or more accidents caused. This is particularly real if you must have a DUI/DWI record.
  • The history of your credit. Life insurance companies have found a link between bad credit and a higher chance of dying. This could be because of how stress about money affects your credit, but it could also affect your health and how you act.
  • Your record of crimes. If you’ve been convicted of a crime in the past, especially in the last few years, it might affect how much you pay for insurance. It matters a lot how old the event was and what happened. For instance, a conviction from 25 years ago might not matter at all. One from five years ago might be more likely.

How to Get a Life Insurance Policy

When applying for life insurance, give as many details as possible about your health, your job, your hobbies, whether or not you smoke, and your family’s health history. The quote you get for your premium will be more accurate if you give accurate information.

If you have a health condition or do things that could affect your premium, fill out an application to one of the best life insurance companies we suggested that can work with your particular risk factors. Some insurance firms are responsible for focusing on certain things. For example, some insurance companies offer customized policies for people over 50. Term life insurance is the first thing you should look into.

Term life insurance can be less expensive than other types. For instance, it can help if you have a young family. In this case, you’ll need more life insurance, but you may not have much money to spend. With term life, you can buy more protection that you can change as your life changes. Whether you wish for a term or whole life insurance, the first step is to get a quote.

You’ll probably have to complete a more detailed implementation with the insurance provider to give you a policy. They might ask you for a medical exam, but they might not. After you choose an insurance policy, the insurance company will ask for the first premium paid upfront. By making the payment, your policy starts as of the date you apply, as long as the insurance company agrees.


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